Clear calendar formats

Unlike other booking calendars - HolidayLiveBooking is uncluttered and simple to use and shown directly on your website in your colour scheme. The simplicity of the calendar is the main factor in winning you business that perhaps you might not have previously won. We don't seek to take your customers away to our website. We give them a wide angle view of your availability so that they are in no way constrained to the dates they first had in mind.

Our calendar comes in 3 main variants, the larger single accommodation view which you've already seen on the homepage maximises sales by quickly showing all of your availability. For smaller screens we drop down to a monthly view, and for businesses with more than one accommodation we have a stacked / scrolling view that helps guests find when perhaps all of your accommodation is available at the same time.

Guests simply point for a price and click to book. The secure booking form takes the details necessary to manage the booking and double checks everything before recording the booking.

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Online confirmation

Guests can check the status of their booking at any time via a personalised booking confirmation page. Guests tell us they really like this feature as it gives them confidence in what they've booked, and provides a single point of contact if they have any questions, want to pay their balance, and to access directions and arrival information. They don't need to register for an account and setup a password to do this, so it's all very easy. We'll send them emails in your branding. These can be adjusted if you prefer, or use our generic versions which are suitable for most small businesses

Secure payment

Your guests are clearly shown how much their holiday will cost, and when they need to pay for it. They can pay you via any of your selected revenue streams, including via a secure card payments gateway. Guests can save a reservation, make payment at a convenient time and details won't be lost if they don't pay at the time of booking.

Removing barriers

Put simply, HolidayLiveBooking is all about removing barriers that may deter people from making a booking with you. We show customers what they can have, and guide them to your changeover days. Guests can play with date options to get lots of prices quickly without needing to complete an enquiry form every time - meaning they are less likely to give up before completing a booking with you.