Simple.   Flexible.   Booked.

Make it easy for your guests to book your accommodation with HolidayLiveBooking. We believe our calendar speaks for itself. Simply point, click and book; that's all that your guests need to do.

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Why we are different

Our calendar is designed to be as simple and as clear as possible, made big and uncluttered and shown directly on your website. We make the booking process easy so that in only a few seconds guests can search out which dates will be best for them. We show them all of your availability and show them one clear price, then take the minimum of details and you've won the sale.

Our focus is on providing a calendar to win you sales, rather than winning your business with gimmicks. Notice how many booking system providers don't even like to show you their calendar, focusing instead on all the admin you can do. But why would you want to when guests can book so easily themselves with a HolidayLiveBooking calendar. The only point of your website is to convert visits into holiday bookings, and with a HolidayLiveBooking calendar you're more likely to be able to do that than with systems which confuse guests with endless colour codes, hiding months and a complicated registration and booking process.

Online booking. It's this easy...

HolidayLiveBooking of course has a fully featured owner console which helps you manage and review your accommodation bookings. The system automatically emails guests when it's time to pay their balance and sends them arrival information at the appropriate time. If a guest doesn't pay their balance when expected or asks you a question, then we'll show the booking in an action list so that you can focus on only those tasks that need attention, and never need to worry that something might have been missed or forgotten. You don't need to vists lots of pages every day to know exactly where you are.

What real guests say

Customers consistently tell us that the HolidayLiveBooking calendar is clear and easy to use. That they feel settled knowing that their money has arrived and that they can check any time that their booking has the correct details. Guests also appreciate that things like the arrival instructions are sent out when we say they will be, without you needing to remember, and without guests needing to ask for them.

Quick and Easy Setup

We aim to get you up and running quickly, by proving a template installation which you can adjust to meet your business needs. Unlike other systems, you don't need to enter hundreds of individual price rates.

Portal Integration

You can link availability to most services which support the industry standard iCal availability sharing format.


Accept payments by card, online banking or cheques. Card payments are fully integrated and update the booking directly.

Information and Graphs

Review how your accommodation is performing with various ways to visualise your booking statistics.


Keep on top of things, by getting alerts when bookings need your attention.


Booking confirmations, payment reminders and arrival information emails are sent automatically saving you needing to remember to send them at the appropriate time.

Other calendar formats

The booking calendar also shows in a smaller one month view for mobiles, and stacked / scrolling view for multiple accommodation.

Get started today

You get everything you need for just £10 per accommodation per month, and there's nothing to pay until you are all setup and satisfied that HolidayLiveBooking is working on your website. If you've still got questions before signing up then you can also read our:

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